Preventive Dentistry – Topeka, KS

The Key to a Lifelong Smile

Cavities and gum disease can be treated, but it’s best to avoid them whenever possible, and one of the most important ways to do that is to keep up with your biannual checkups and cleanings at Westport Dental. Spotting the signs of oral health problems early on lets us treat them long before severe, permanent harm is done to your smile, letting you save time and money that you might have had to otherwise spend on more extensive care. Call us today if you’re ready for your next visit!

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Why Choose Westport Dental for Preventive Dentistry?

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Dental Checkups & Cleanings

Plaque and tartar can build up rather quickly in your mouth in just a few short months, which is why we recommend having a checkup and cleaning performed twice a year. We can take X-rays and other diagnostic images of your teeth to see if there are any problems that might require further treatment. We will also thoroughly clean your teeth and polish them afterward so that you can leave with a newly refreshed grin.

Nightguards for Bruxism

If you keep waking up with a sore jaw and have noticed that your molars are looking notably worn-down, it could mean that you’re grinding and clenching your teeth at night without realizing it. We can protect your enamel from being eroded any further with a customized mouthguard, which can keep the upper and lower rows of teeth separated. By acting quickly to address the effects of teeth grinding, you can potentially avoid serious dental injuries. 

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is commonly added to drinking water and toothpaste, and it can be naturally found in fruits, vegetables, and even the air. Teeth that are exposed to plenty of fluorides are much stronger and less likely to suffer from decay. If you aren’t receiving enough fluoride in your everyday life, our team can place a fluoridated gel or varnish on your teeth at the end of your next preventive checkup. The goal is to reduce the risk of developing a cavity before your next visit.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is a deadly disease that only becomes more dangerous the longer it goes undiagnosed. Our team can spot the early warning signs of oral cancer during your biannual checkups. We can check your gums, tongue, lips, and throat for patches, sores, and other abnormalities. If we spot anything, we can refer you to an expert that can perform any necessary additional testing so that you can have your condition treated before it starts to spread to other parts of your body.


How often should I have dental checkups and cleanings?

It is recommended to have dental checkups and cleanings performed twice a year. This routine helps identify oral health problems early on, allowing for timely treatment and preventing severe, permanent harm to your smile.

How to address teeth grinding and clenching at night?

Westport Dental provides customized nightguards for bruxism to protect enamel from further erosion. These personalized mouthguards help separate the upper and lower rows of teeth, addressing the effects of teeth grinding and potentially preventing serious dental injuries.

What are fluoride treatments, and how do they benefit oral health?

Fluoride treatments involve applying a fluoridated gel or varnish to teeth during preventive checkups. Fluoride strengthens teeth, reducing the risk of decay. If you aren't exposed to enough fluoride in your daily life, Westport Dental can provide this treatment to enhance your oral health.

Why are oral cancer screenings important, and how often are they performed?

Oral cancer screenings are crucial for early detection of a potentially deadly disease. Westport Dental conducts oral cancer screenings during biannual checkups, examining the gums, tongue, lips, and throat for any abnormalities. Early detection allows for prompt referral and treatment before the condition spreads.